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The Company

At the beginning of the XX century, Genaro GinÚs began manufacturing hand scissors for shearing the sheep, soon achieving the recognition of sheepshearers and livestock farmers, and reaching a great prestige, ratified by the obtaining of several gold medals in the International Exhibitions of Paris, Brussels, Rome, and Florence, among others.

From the 40s-50s, it was his brother, Arturo Ginés,who under the brand ARGEAD, as referente of his made ones, he was left the hand scissor, focusing on the research of new techniques, starting to produce completely shearing plants and transmissions moved, in the beginning, by hand flywheels and by petrol and electric engines afterwards.

From that moment, the technical evolution in the manufacturing of materials has made possible that new models be created, what has lead ARGEAD to be a reference brand for the professionals of the sector. Likewise and, as an accessory for the shearing equipment, ARGEAD manufactures grinders for sharpening the cutters and combs used in the shearing handpieces, with two forms: emery wheel and iron disk.

At present, ARGEAD is the market brand with the best excellent value for money, technical service, and customer service, features that are backed up by more than 100-year experience.

In 2006 ARGEAD initiated a process of internationalization of his products. At present ARGEAD sells his products in Italy, Chile, Peru, France, Mexico, Portugal, Romania ,Uruguay, Tunez, Marruecos, Poland, Bolivia, Greece and India.


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